Work examples from Ossiculo members

Felipe Vaz

Juntos/as/xs/es, for 16 distant musicians (2021).

Farewell To a Dying Light. With Zinc and Copper: Elena Kakaliagou, Robin Hayward, Hilary Jeffery (2019). Audivisionen Series, Zwinglikirche, Berlin. 

More or Less In The Style of Mark Fell, CD and Digital release on New York Haunted (2021). 

2100. Felipe Vaz and Vilhelm Brømander (2017). Schillerpalais, Berlin. 


Brendan Dougherty

Solo for drums + electronics. Performed at Galerie Bernau / Kiezsalon, 10 August 2021

Prueba (from mxd#3 EP) digital release, June 2021 bandcamp link

Sensate LP preview (Entr’acte records 2016) soundcloud link